Traffic Management

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For Brisa Innovation, Traffic Management is close to our heart and nature. Born and raised inside Brisa, a large toll motorway operator, operational aspects are answered by our solutions, whether inside the control room, or on the roadside systems.

Safety and traffic flow are what determine people keep using your roads. Complex networks need proactive control, in realtime and in a timely fashion. More than 1,300 miles and thousands of devices across five different operators rely on our solutions.

Main traffic management issues we answer to

"To be aware of what is happening on the road"

"Fast and precise, in realtime"

"Vertical solutions with difficult cross-integration"

Benefits for you

  1. Having the right information available when it is needed the most;
  2. A single environment for operational control;
  3. Fast learning curves for the operators and ease of use;

Products and solutions included

Our range of traffic management solutions (in yellow below) include both roadside systems and central control room solutions. Illustrated below in white are other portfolio lines solutions related with the traffic management suite.

SUM — Smart Urban Mobility; RA — Revenue Assurance; TM — Traffic Management product.

Showcases and experiences

Centralizing operations

Over 50% of the entire Portuguese motorway network is managed from a single control room powered by Brisa Innovation's ATLAS Platform and Smart Videowall. More than 4,500 different road-side equipments and well over 100,000 incidents a year are managed, disseminated, validated and analyzed through ATLAS.

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Denver, Colorado — ATLAS in Northwest Parkway

Northwest Parkway aerial vew (c) Google

Northwest Parkway was in need of a solution to integrate operations control in critical areas such as traffic management and road assistance. The ambition was to have a single platform to both receive information from what is happening at the roadside, but also to inform and interact in a timely fashion.

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