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End-to-end tolling solutions from the roadside to the central systems, covering all tolling options through payment clearance.

Products included: Manual cashier lanes, self-service lanes, Remote self-service operator, Electronic Tolling lanes, video tolling, virtual (sattellite) tolling, Operational and Commercial Backoffice, Self-care portals, Positive Tolling.

Main tolling issues we answer to

"Commitment and continued presence"

"Operational cost control"

"Excessive supplier dependence"


  1. Effective charging road-usage;
  2. Easy transition for next-generation tolling models;
  3. Ability to use multiple technological vendors;
  4. Minimize reinvestment costs and entire life-cycle optimal.

Products and solutions included

Our range of tolling solutions (in yellow below) is wide, from the roadside to the central systems, no matter the business tolling model adopted.

In white, we illustrate our solutions from other lines, with relevant connections with this portfolio line.

BOS — Backoffice; TOLL — Tolling solution; RA — Revenue assurance product; APP/WEB — self-care channels

Showcases and experiences

RUC Oregon

A short video about Brisa Innovation and EGIS participation for the Oregon Road User Charge (RUC) Program.

Denver, Colorado — Cashless Toll Collection

Northwest Parkway aerial vew (c) Google

The proposed main goal was «To setup, design, develop and deploy a fully Cashless Toll System to fit the NWP needs allowing to follow other local operators' strategy». From the operator's side, one of the main goals was to reduce operational costs.

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Remote cashier in Manual self-service lanes

This project resulted in 350 lanes equipped with self-service toll solution using a remote operation environment, enabling several payment methods — cash, bank cards, ETC and credit cards.

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Foreign Affairs — a video tolling solution for non-national cars.

Portugal is proud to welcome each year hundreds of thousands of foreign vehicles. We also develop the habit to provide innovative technological solutions, and tolling systems have been no exception with Brisa Innovation leading a predominant role in this strategy. This solution enables video tolling using license-plate recognition by secure credit card association.

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