ATMIS in operation in Northwest Parkway, Denver, USA

31 May, 2016
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Brisa Innovation's ATMIS — ATLAS — is now in full operation in Northwest Parkway, Colorado. 

In today’s information driven era, NW Parkway understands how critical it is to have an Integrated ATMIS, choosing our ATLAS.

Northwest Parkway was in need of a solution to integrate operations control in critical areas such as traffic management and road assistance.

The ambition was to have a single platform to both receive information from what is happening at the roadside, but also to inform and interact in a timely fashion.


Assured by a continued performance and service support, Northwest Parkway’s first impulse was to consult the current supplier of the tolling system — Brisa Innovation — aware that their range of solutions also include ATLAS, an ATMIS — Advanced Traffic Management and Information System.

Looking into the running implementations of ATLAS it was evident that the needed features and functionalities were there, working in a smooth operation of more than 1,300 miles, involving complex interaction between assistance mobile fleets, tunnel automated systems, information dedicated broadcast channels and a complete and service-oriented customer support response.

The easy integration of all devices and subsystems spread across the road network was promised by Brisa Innovation, confident that the demanding project calendar and deadlines would not be a problem. ATLAS integrates with a broad spectrum of IoT/connected devices, namely, video cameras, video-walls, remote sensors, vehicles and traffic, inbound and outbound communications.


After an 8-month project, mobilizing 30 man.month of ATMIS experts, Northwest Parkway has a browser-solution that enables a complete timely coverage of its network and assets. For each segment, detailed information is produced. A small central operation center is rapidly activated using myVideoWall funcionality, from wherever and whenever the authorized operators need to. Continuous auditable operations allow for data security and accountability, as a guarantee for professional standards and demanding levels of service.

Virtual operations room

The operation room is able to access an updated list of incidents, and to register new incidents with a quick activation of information subsystems accordingly, such as variable message signs and assistance mobile staff with the indication that there is something happening that requires the driver’s attention, acting preemptively to avoid further complications. All interaction and contacts made during incident management are recordable and associated with the process. A geographic view of the operations on the ground is possible, tracking the fleet, both internal and external. All cameras are remotely operated and their archive footage and record functions available. The insurance process following an incident is also covered, documenting with all relevant data and footage.

Works on road

The planned road works are entered into ATLAS and their execution is controlled and managed, maintaining centralized historical data for both larger planned interventions and maintenance repair works. As for the equipment maintenance, ATLAS allows Northwest Parkway to actively control issues and requests, with a close control of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and a real-time view on alarms and complex situations resolution.

Always on alert

Regardless of where the operational manager is, ATLAS delivers him custom alarms, following custom-defined rules. This allows immediate notifications for special incidents (e.g. «Ice on pavement», «Accident»), whether these are generated inside or outside ATLAS.

Looking back

“Even at an early stage of deployment, ATLASTM offers a single intuitive one-stop-shop for complete operations management.”
Pedro Costa, CEO NWP

Today, our operational management has significantly improved, both in response time and accountability, with a direct result in customer service and road safety.