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Brisa Innovation is a leading provider of Tolling and Road Solutions.


Vendor independent solutions

For maximum negotiation options in reinvestment and optimized cost control.


1st nationwide ETC system

Designed, built, deployed and in operation it for more than 20 years.


30+ years in 1,500 miles

With a close connection to our client’s unique business needs, problems and systems.

With more than two decades' worth of experience in Tolling and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Brisa Innovation is a leading provider of tolling and roadside solutions.

We are industry pioneers, and were the first to deploy a nationwide Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system and the first to implement Open Road Tolling (ORT) plazas. Over this time, we have supplied critical vehicle tolling and traffic management systems on more than 1,200 tolling lanes, 250 non-tolled highway lanes and 180 parking lots and access control areas in Portugal, Netherlands, India, and the United States of America.


Our experience ranges from tolling and tunnel automation solutions, to bridges, fuel stations, maritime ferry services and automated cashless payment systems in McDonald's'® restaurants. Annually, our roadside systems process over 300 million digital transactions and 150 million manual transactions at tolling sites; over 1.1 billion vehicle detections made by road sensors and devices; approximately 10 million parking transactions, and a half million transactions at gasoline stations, ferries, and fast food establishments.


Our work spreads across more than two thousand (2,000+) miles of lanes, more than 40 highways, and over 150 clients. Brisa Innovation is proud to adhere to international standards of quality control and management, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We also possess national certification in research, development, and innovation (RDI) management (NP 4457).

Moreover, we have industry prominence for being a supplier of vendor-neutral systems for tolling solutions. Our systems are built using an open architecture approach which allows us to deploy interoperable and agnostic solutions that do not depend on multiple third-party vendors for installation, support, optimization, operations, and maintenance.

BIT Mobility Solutions, LLC

BIT Mobility Solutions, LLC (BMS) is Brisa Innovation's US-based company which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. BMS brings BIT´s tolling and ITS products and solutions to North America, and was founded to provide direct service to our US clients and explore new market opportunities.